About Us

Our Story

On Mother’s Day 2002 Mommy Rocks gave away our first rocking chair. We serve an average of 65 families a year and have been able to provide them with not only a rocking chair but also other immediate necessities as they bring home a new baby. We have added diapers, baby wipes and hand made blankets to the other items that we were giving them.

We have been blessed to have a wonderful connection with St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Lakewood, Colorado who has graciously allowed us to distribute our rocking chairs from their building. This has allowed the mothers to pick out their own rocking chair.

We continue to look to individuals and the community for support. We serve families in the metro Denver and surrounding areas with referrals from agencies such as WIC and Nurse Family Partnerships, local health departments and hospitals as well as agencies that support new parents through education and regular visits.

Mommy Rocks is a tax exempt project and a project of the Colorado Nonprofit Development Center (CNDC).

To find our more about CNDC go to their web site www.cndc.org or contact them directly at 720-855-0501.

Our Mission

To provide first time mothers and their infants a “place” of their own as small as it might be to continue the life long bonding and loving process.

Mommy Rocks is a tax exempt project and a project of the Colorado Nonprofit Development Center (CNDC). CNDC provides comprehensive fiscal sponsorship to more than 60 charitable projects. CNDC expectations of projects are to adhere to high ethical standards in all aspects of nonprofit management.

Our Volunteers & Program Board

Deb Sanders, Founder and Director
Deb works with the program board and volunteers to meet the needs of the families that are served.

Mommy Rocks has a program board as opposed to a governing board. The program board is a small group of individuals who volunteer their time and talent making sure that Mommy Rocks meets the needs and follows the mission of the program.

Current Program Board Members:
Deb Sanders
Gerri Schiel
Craig Sanders
Dr. Veronica Hoegler

Past Advisory Board Members:
Linda Henry
Sheryl Clossen
Pat Lonon
Patty Traxler
Marilyn Tyler
Deacon Charlotte Shepic